"I was wearing large, baggy men's sweatpants, and stealing my husband's XL T-shirts, because none of my clothes fit anymore. I was ashamed of myself and how I looked. Now, after completing the Pretty Intense program, I've lost over thirty pounds, and I have gone from a size 13 down to a size 8. Thank you for being the amazingly strong woman that you are and for putting together the Pretty Intense Challenge. You rock."

– Kathryn Chalmers (pg. 9)

"I was able to lose 2¾ inches on my waist. What a great program."

– Shawn Rennecker (pg. 10)

"My energy levels are way up. I don't feel nearly as run-down as I used to. My head feels more clear. My confidence is up. I think my relationships are better with my family, friends, and my husband."

– Melissa Schilz (pg. 10)

"If you can set aside thirty minutes a day for yourself, you can manage this program."
"I always used to have to take my afternoon nap for an hour, but after starting this program I have no need to nap. I have so much energy!"
"I have never felt as confident as I do today. Mentally and physically I put my mind to it and I conquered it. I feel stronger and actually give a damn about myself. This program conditioned me to do the unthinkable.

– Laura Goodale (pg. 11)

"I lost my love handles, and that was a big thing. My goal was to get down below two hundred, but I lost fourteen pounds, and I'm down to 193."

– Michael Tascona (pg. 25)

"I now embrace myself for who I am and walk with my head held high."

– Patty Bretz (pg. 37)

"I'm full of energy—and I feel like I have a lot less stress."

– Rick Neubert (pg. 46)

"I gave myself a present for my sixtieth birthday—a body I can be proud of."

– Jayne Gauci (pg. 56)

"I don't have a stomach pooch anymore. I'm even thinking I might wear a bikini this summer."

– Julie Grunwald (pg. 42)

"My body changed more than I thought was possible."

– Jenna Moran (pg. 71)

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