Welcome to Pretty Intense

Thank you for visiting the Pretty Intense website! Since you have taken the first step to see what this program is all about, you are already half way there… you want to get healthier, leaner, stronger, and more confident. I know, I jumped ahead and put words in your head that might not of been there, but those are exactly the things you will get from PI if you choose to commit. I Promise.

This program was born from a place of being stuck in a predictable routine with food and exercise, and I needed to shake things up! I continued to clean up my diet from a nutritional density stand point and realized how choosing whole real foods was very filling as well as effective. You can expect to have a lot of sustained daily energy, you will never feel uncomfortably full after you eat, and you will not be hungry, your skin will brighten up, your strength will increase, and you will steadily stop craving unhealthy foods because they will not make you feel your best. 

When it came to my workout routine, I must say, I have trained since I was 14 years old. So, working out is nothing new to me and I have gone through phases with running, yoga, pilates, crossfit, weight training… but nothing I have ever tried, compares to the results I achieved from what is now PI. There are 7 workouts each week - upper body, lower body, abs, 3 interval cardio sessions, and one long circuit. They are all designed to be intense and over within about 20 min, except for the long circuit which will last about 30-45. I have also included 5 chapters at the beginning of the book that will help you get to know - you! A simple statement, but I promise it will start to unlock the most powerful tool we own, our mind!

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Amazon Barnes and Noble iBooks iBooks IndieBound Kobo Kobo Kobo